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    All trans shipping service in the world


    All trans shipping service in the world.

    Buying a small amount of fish from abroad, will it be possible to import it? Is it illegal and will it be done?

    This is a question that comes up often. But do you know buying fish? Or living things from abroad that you can do easily
    Because this era has a service provider to import beautiful fish Including the beautiful betta fish, the price is very low, the import fee is from 2 USD -10 USD per fish.
    Because Trans shipper will be a legal provider of beautiful fish imports to every customer. Where he rarely has to do anything
    As many of you have read up to this point, maybe you have some idea of ​​wanting to have some beautiful Siamese fighting fish?

    Well, let’s look at how to buy ornamental fish from abroad and the process of working.

    Here is a sample picture to explain. All steps.

    Shipping process for betta fish


    Here is a sample picture to explain. All steps for using a trans shipper
    1. You can order fish from different sources to sell different fish in the online world.
    2. Most sellers have a list of trans shipper for you to choose from, you can choose a trans shipper near you to make the shipping cost lower.
    3. On the deadline, wholesalers deliver fish to the Trans shipper side of that country. To deliver to the destination Trans shipper
    4. Once the fish has arrived at the Trans shipper in your country, the Trans shipper will contact you to pay for the Handling fee and Local shipping.
    Or you can choose to pick up fish by yourself Shop or company of Trans shipper that you have chosen to use the service
    5. That’s it, you can have quality grade fish directly from the fish farm already.

    Easy, right?

    Well, here we are going to talk about The best Trans shipper that offers you beautiful fish import services available in the world.

    Trans shipper list1


    Trans shipper list2


    Trans shipper list3


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    Do you have any question about this?

    We would love to hear them in the comments below!

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