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    Class color Guide line Open color for Competition.

    Daily Color Guide: OPEN COLOR

    Welcome to the WILD WILD WEST! OPEN COLOR is a classification for Siamese fighting fish that do not fall into any firm color categorization.

    An exciting show class which is possibly the most important class of a UBF show because it is completely open.

    There are no colour rules and it is up to the eyes of the beholder.

    This classification exemplifies the fact that all Betta are unique and it aims to support that element in shows.

    All colour are acceptable but in order to score high in this category we advise that;

    1. The fish shows overall good physical genetics,
    2. A uniqueness of colouration. Classic colours that are uncategorized in a specific show may also join this category to be scored on all UBF Quadrant aspects.



    More information next class in UBF standards.

    Class color betta fish Guideline Multi color for comp.

    Class color betta fish Guide Fancy HMPK

    Credit Betta Nation Cup 2019

    What is UBF? 

    UBF exists as international conglomerate to unite, assist, incubate and preserve information and worldwide standards of Betta fish. UBF is primarily and information resource and round table of continuous knowledge base networking with the objective of developing high level genetic understanding while preserving the heritage of Betta as and iconic show fish.


    Siamese fighting fish


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