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    Hello, I have a betta that is currently sick. I’m not sure what medication that I need to give him since the symptoms for the diseases are quiet similar. At first, I found my betta has like an open wound / hole in his operculum, I gave them the medication for the open wound and the hole became smaller but some parts still swollen and a bit red. Then it appeared in another side of his operculum, it looked like a yellow blister and then it popped out. Besides of that, my betta has clamped fins and some fin loss. He experiences a bloated belly too, I suspected it is a swim bladder but the scale is fine. He seems like having a trouble of breathing too.

    Could you please help me what should I do for my betta? I’ve tried give him a medication that I bought from my local pet shop but he is still sick.

    Thank you.


    Will be good if you have picture for bettas fish too.
    1. first time if you seen open wound recommend use sea salt for protect him from parasite and bacteria firs. (1 tea spoon per litter) just first time
    2. incase for fins and some fin loss
    Fin rot can be caused by two Bettas fighting but can also be caused by the water quality of the tank. The bacteria that can cause fin rot lays dormant in all tanks but becomes dangerous to your Bettas when the tank is dirty, over occupied, the fish becomes stressed or injured.
    Torn fins, inflamed rays, blackening or redness along edge of fin or tail, blood on the tips of fins and receding fin edges. should be keep freshwater for him
    3. I’m not sure that is big belly?
    If big belly that can make sure is dropsy. You cam follow this article for cure dropsy.

    How to treat Dropsy in Betta fish

    Hope your fish back to healthy soon.

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