Nice Betta Thailand big discount

Betta fish promotion Big special discount

Nice Betta Thailand.CO.,LTD Partner with NFT Project Animalverse Dancing Underwater (ADU) now for Big promotion this moment.

All customers if you have NFT Animalverse Dancing Underwater (ADU) can get specail discount 5-50% and more specail if you buy NFT with price 1 ETH can select all betta fish from website 1 pcs each month eternal.

NFT and Benefits price list

Buy NFT this link

Note : When you get NFT already please contact Nice Betta Thailand for receive your code discount & for more benefit

Benefit will change to new holder when you take this NFT sold to some one.

We are very happy to innovate some thing news, and make more higher quality fish and develop new colors for every one in the world.

Thank you to our customers for patronize and support us all the time.

Nice Betta Thailand.CO.,LTD international betta fish farm WORLDWIDE export safe shipping take care all fish via trans shipper.

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