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First time order betta fish here for competition in Singapore. They have expensive price. But high quality fish finally got 1st place SG comp 2022

Simon Yeo

Amazing fish arrive safe. Good place to find betta fish here. They have good service after sale tip take care betta fish. Really happy to learn and i will breed soon.

Jessica Foxx

Fish arrive good condition some are look tired long trip from Thailand to NYC pass trans shipper. All is good quality. I will buy again next month

Lily Granger​

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Siamese fighting fish

Welcome to Nice Betta Thailand.CO.,LTD international betta fish farm. The leader betta fish breeding develop new type and color for best quality betta fish genetic in our farm in Thailand. We are selling betta fish at our shop in Bangkok and online shop also we are support for wholesale partner our goal is export top quality betta fish to WORLDWIDE include delivery service safe for fish. Event you don’t have import documents we have trans shipper help to service customers about this. If you are importer we can ship direct to airport in your country.

If you for business supporter about high quality betta fish we are happy to advice including full support. If you looking for best quality betta for show or competition we are available for find good quality for you with the promise and experience about betta fish. We are happy to give your advice anytime. Please let us be in your heart if you think about betta fish please think about us.

Siamese fighting fish

The Betta fish for sale, Siamese fighting fish, or betta fish as it’s understood by its genus, is a sophisticated tropical freshwater fish that is popular as an animal and frequently housed in diverse house fish tanks. In the wild, belonging to locations like Thailand, the betta populates rice paddies and still watered canals.

The ones you see in family pet shops are rather various too in both color and size, with wild betta fish having much smaller sized fins and being primarily colored in a dull green or brown appearance. They’re a fantastic very first animal to teach kids the obligation of looking after something, and are low-cost to keep and acquire.

female and males look considerably various from each other, with males showing the longer gorgeous streaming fins. With appropriate care bettas can live anywhere from 2 to 4 years, with some owners having actually kept in mind life expectancies that extended into their teenagers.

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