All of betta fish a guide on patterns color in the world

All of Betta Fish A Guide on Patterns, Color in the world

Betta Fish are among the most popular freshwater fish around the world. They are so well loved due to the many different shapes and colors which they can be said is King of beautiful fish.

There are so many variations that Betta Fish are usually classified by their colors, patterns and tail type.

Their aggressive behavior is often off putting for newcomers to the hobby and they are more beauty when they aggressive. However if properly fed and cared for, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are very common with beginner aquarists. They are small and colorful fish with striking personalities.

They have been cross bred and develop over years creating the most amazing colorations and tail variations.

They do not require a lot of maintenance just good water temperature and food and their physiology and behavior is quite captivating and amazing.

Betta fish colors

Now, you can see that the color has evolved dramatically.

Let’s see how How any betta farms did the betta fish develop their color and what color come to show in the world?

This is example all bettas color breeding by Nice Betta Thailand.CO.,LTD and some of rare color betta fish in this moment 2021

1.Blue Black Star Avatar

Physical color characteristics is Blue and Green scales and fin but body is Black color.

More info about this color First Dark Blue Avatar or Blue Black Avatar in the World.

Blue Black Star Avatar

2. Gold Dragon

Physical color characteristics is Metallic Dragon scales body and gold fin. Over all like bicolor.

Gold Dragon betta fish

3. Metallic Purple or Royal Lavender

Physical color characteristics is Metallic purple body and A mix of purple and pink fin.

More info about this color The Elusive Purple Betta fish

Royal Lavender Betta fish

4. Blue Mustard Gas

Physical color characteristics is Blue color on body scales like Dragon genetic but fin is yellow like mustard color.

If you looking to know about history about First Blue Mustard Gas betta fish in the world

Blue Mustard Gas Betta fish

5. Red Copper

Physical color characteristics is Copper Dragon scales and Red fin Over all look like Red Dragon but is not Red Dragon.

This is one kind develop from Red Dragon with Copper Gold.

Red Copper Betta fish

6. Black Copper Dragon

Physical color characteristics is Copper Dragon scales and Black fin look like Black Dragon scales more sparkle than.

The most people wrong to understand this color think is Black Dragon but this is not Black Dragon just develop from black dragon

Black Copper Betta fish

7. Copper Mustard or Copper Yellow

Physical color characteristics is Copper Dragon scales body top on Black behind. Fin is yellow or Mustard color

Copper Mustard Betta fish

8. Super Red

Physical color characteristics is Solid color Red on body and fin. For the good red should be no Black spot or white spot or said deep clean Red must be perfect for competition

More info about this color Class color betta fish Guideline Solid color Red

Betta fish Super Red

9. Turquoise

Physical color characteristics is Solid color like Blue mixed green metallic should be balance color body and fin is perfect for competition

More info about this color Class Color Guideline Dark Metallic all types  And Evolution of Turquoise this color from blue betta fish

Betta fish Turquoise

10. White Opaque

Physical color characteristics is Solid white betta fish color body and fin is white same color no any black spot is the perfect one.

white scales, maybe slightly pinkish. Because it is a fish with thin scales, it makes the flesh color pink through the scales. and the scales on its body will not shine. It will be completely mette white.

More info about this color for competition Class color betta fish Guideline Solid color White & Biography of the white betta

White Opaque Betta fish

11. Shadow Black Star Samurai (Rare color half moon in 2020)

Physical color characteristics is Less scales on body and head strong black color body and fin with star stem tail.

Shadow Black Star betta fish

12. Super Gold

Physical color characteristics is Dragon scales and strong color on scales

Super Gold Betta fish color

13. Dark Armageddon Meteor

Physical color characteristics This is one type of Vanda or Armageddon but black or dark color body and Orange fin with Red Dot like meteor

More info about this color First Dark Armageddon in the world

Dark Armageddon Meteor betta fish

14. Super Yellow

Physical color characteristics is Solid yellow body and fin should be same color with out any black spot is perfect super yellow.

Super Yellow betta fish

15. Armageddon / Meteor / Vanda

Physical color characteristics is Orange body or cello with Red spot or Orange spot on fin. Normally more older fish will got more spots come out.

The perfect one should be no have any black spots on body.

More info about this color First Armageddon, Vanda in the world

Armageddon Meteor betta fish

16. Black Samurai (Rare color for half moon in this moment 2020)

Physical color characteristics is Strong black color body and fin with less white or dragon scales on body.

For the good Samurai should be have marking helmet on head that is the perfect one.

More info about this color Black Samurai and Black mambar longin

Black Samurai betta fish

17. Blue Rim

Physical color characteristics is the one type of marble breeding for pattern like butterfly body and clean white on body with half on fin and blue color rim on fin

Blue Rim Betta fish

18. Fancy Macaw

Physical color characteristics is Green blue and yellow mixed all body and fin

Fancy Macaw betta fish

19. Candy Phoenix

Physical color characteristics is Multiple color candy body with Red and Orange dots mixed on fin look like fire color.

More info about this color The first betta fish Candy or Nemo siam

Candy Phoenix betta fish

20. Blue Dragon (One of Rare color)

Physical color characteristics is Strong scales with metallic like Dragon scales with Blue fin. Over all look like bicolor.

Blue Dragon betta fish

21. Blue on fire

Physical color characteristics is Blue dragon scales body with Red or Orange fin

Betta fish Blue on Fire

22. Red Tiger

Physical color characteristics is Red and Black mixed together all body and fin.

This is one type color develop from Koi colors

Red Tiger betta fish

23. Copper Gold

Physical color characteristics is Solid copper color on body and fin. Good copper gold must be same color body and fin.

Copper Gold betta fish

24. Pink Lavender Snow

Physical color characteristics is Pink, Red, Purple lavender color fin combo and body dragon none metallic scales

Betta fish Pink Lavender

25. Hell Boy

Physical color characteristics is black or Brown body but fin is still Red color

Betta fish Hell Boy

26. Steel blue

Physical full solid blue color on body and fin. For perfect steel blue for competition should be not black spot or any color

here if you looking to know about this history of blue betta color

Betta fish Steel Blue

27. Gordon Avatar Koi

Physical is red, blue and black mixed . This is the one type of koi cross with blue avatar

Gordon Avatar Koi betta fish

28. Green Alien Mustard Gas

Physical is full green shining color on body. Fin & tail is yellow mustard gas

This is one type develop breeding from Blue mustard gas to Alien color body with shining.

Betta fish Green Alien Mustard Gas

29. Green Alien Mustard Warrior

Physical is  Green shining color on body with some black scales. Fin still mustard color or black is find.

Actually this color develop from Green Alien Mustard cross with Warrior type.

Green Alien Mustard Warrior betta fish

30. Multicolor Devil Candy

Physical is Candy color but more dark mixed color Red, Orange, Blue with little bid white scales over all look dark than normal candy

caused by repeated inbreeding until fish more strong color.

Multicolor Devil Candy betta fish

31. Green Peacock

Physical is green scales top on black body and fin with star tail green color. Some breeder said this color is Black light.

What ever, in our line Nice Betta Farm we said this color still Green peacock.

Green Peacock betta fish

32. Green White sky Goose

Physical is green color top on white body. Fin is green color too look like cloud.

Green White sky Goose betta fish

33. Magical pink blue series

Physical is pink and blue mixed all body and fin. Body is dragon scales but not metallic.

This is the one of Fancy type cross with blue marble.

Magical Pink Blue Series betta fish

34. The Frozen

Physical of this betta fish is white body and fin with green dot. For the green dot is small dot not like normal marble.

Actually this color develop from blue marble in breeding select one of small dot until we got green marble like frozen color

The Frozen betta fish

35. Red Phoenix

Physical of this betta body is red color mixed with skin color. Fin is cellophane mixed with Red

Actually this color come from classic koi but hard to find one like this color.

Red Phoenix betta fish

36. Yin Yang Dragon

Physical of this betta full white scales on body look like bicolor but this example picture not perfect fish yet.

Right now we develop Yin Yang for more metallic color.

Why we said this color is Ying Yang dragon because this fish is Black and White color look like Ying Yang in Chines respect

Yin Yang Dragon

New develop breeding betta fish variety color coming soon

Also we have group talk about betta fish for sale and share any new tip information in betta fish community also betta fish auction

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