Peta want to all countries boycott betta fish

Today seems to be a day that doesn’t look very good for the group of betta fish lovers after hearing the past news.

Why do they want to destroy betta lover?

What a tragic thing for the breeders and the development of colorful fish, fighting fish for what happened. When the Peta wants all country stop trading of betta fish

On December 9, 2019, Peta presented the fighting fish culture information from the fighting fish farm in Asia.

Which is a presentation of only one aspect.

That shows that Peta has no understanding of Siamese fighting fish at all, including many standardized fighting fish farms in Thailand, but Peta does not want to offer, but choose a farm that is not ready. And do not understand the information and details If he has studied, he will know that Farms that meet GAP standards have been inspected by the Department of Fisheries and must be clean, free of pathogens in order to export beautiful fish. And if that farm is guilty, it must be canceled License for exporting ornamental fish to 2 years.

All of this shows that Peta has no complete understanding of betta fish.

More than 90% of Thai fighting fish farms Want to fish to meet the standards Quality fish, the beauty, the integrity of the fins and the tail must be cherished and very attentive. In terms of food, water and cleanliness. But Peta’s presentation is based on one aspect only And still haven’t chosen a farm that sells beautiful fish that is truly standardized.

On the point that Peta has suggested that betta fish are in a narrow place If he has studied the biography of betta fish In fact, betta fish are fish in the swamp. It only takes a small space to eat small fish to sustain life and does not want to go to the big river. And if the fighting fish meet That will cause a fight for possession of Anakutu. That’s why the betta farm must separate all the fish. To prevent him from being together and harming one another.  The history of betta fighting fish

betta fish for sale

Recently Peta has filed a request to the country of importing fighting fish to cancel the import. And want the beautiful fighting fish that breed from the farm to disappear from this world.

But some countries have rejected the offer from Peta, because they know that Peta does not offer all the information back, but only selects the negative.

Regardless of how much Peta your local fish trading company supports in order to present These distortions We beseech you to stand on righteousness and justice. We still love and believe in Peta.

We, on behalf of Asian fighting fish lovers I appealed to Peta to study all aspects of fighting fish and be open-minded before presenting information to attack fighting fish farmers in Asia. And we believe If you know the true fighting fish, you will love it too.

So they did every thing like this just for content donation?

What do you think about this? Please comment bellow!!

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