Copper Betta fish

Copper betta fish

Copper Betta fish It is a beautiful betta that has been popular for a long time and is getting more and more popular. both in Thailand and abroad From the past to the present, it can be called Copper bettas never go out of style.

What are Copper betta?

Copper betta which is a transliteration of the word “Copper”, which means copper color, that is, copper betta. It is a beautiful betta fish that has a special appearance that the scales are shiny. Scales have a colored coating on the body. originally started from Copper coating But nowadays it has developed into many more colors such as Red Copper Betta (Red) Red Copper, Black Copper Betta (Black Copper), Yellow Copper Betta (Yellow) or Betta. Copper, Gold, Copper, Fancy Copper, Marble Copper etc. In short, copper betta is a beautiful betta that has various colored glaze scales.

Half moon Copper betta

History of Copper betta fish

Copper betta It is a color that occurs since 1999, when Thai breeders import in a lot of Halfmoon betta horns from the USA.
One of them that has been developed for Copper is Half-moon Turquoise.

How to breed Copper Betta fish?

History of Copper line breed

Using Turquoise Breeding and Wild fighting fish Mahachainis
and Breeding is repeated many times until it turns out to be the color Copper with a calm and pure pedigree, all said and done and easy. But before coming to the copper color that we see today, betta fish have been repeatedly breeding for many generations for 4-5 years

Copper betta fish glazed scales. “Copper” is probably an early stage of the development of coated scaled betta until it developed more and more beautiful. And there are many colors together. The distinguishing feature of the copper is its shiny scales. finely smooth flakes.

Copper betta fish this moment

Copper Betta fish It is considered a coated scaled fighting fish. until the flakes can be coated all over the body and there are many colors The scales of the copper betta fish. will have glaze The scales are smooth and shiny, and there are fancy copper bettas such as Copper Marble Betta, Copper Marble Betta or Candy Copper even wild hybrid copper.

Copper betta fish was mixed with Betta Dragon or Black Dragon until the hybrids come out with coated scales that look so similar that sometimes they are almost indistinguishable. to be called as Copper Betta or Dragon Betta? Some people collectively call it “Copper Dragon Betta” or “Copper Dragon Betta”

Copper betta, price depends on the form. The beauty of each betta fish It is in the satisfaction of both parties between the buyer and the seller. There are from ten baht digits, hundreds baht digits, all the way to contest grades. or breeder grades at a price of thousands of baht Any way you like it, treat it like that. As you like.

Where to buy Copper betta fish?

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