Betta fish OHM Tanjo-Koi


Betta fish OHM Tanjo-Koi

High quality Betta fish OHM Tanjo-Koi for sale aquatic life readily available for your freshwater exotic fish aquarium. Any top quality bettas by Nice Betta Thailand online store

We shipping worldwide safe for fish and take ca re fish import service via partner & trans shipper.

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Nice Betta Thailand International Siamese fighting fish farm  Culture and breeding the betta fish directly in Thailand .

If you feel touch them once you love them like me and. And I hope my fish will make you happy and a smile for you by Nice Betta Thailand

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We can say we are the most of quality bettas fish in Thailand

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Betta fish care & Tip take care Articles for Bettas

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We hope we can support you happy with our quality

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