Wholesale betta fish partner 100 pcs male


Wholesale betta fish partner

Wholesale price betta fish & partner with our company

For all whole sale partner work same process same quality betta fish and same price.

Random color and high quality fish grade
customers must be request type
HM Dumbo
HMPK Dumbo

Can see fish receive from our gallery.  https://www.nicebettathailand.com/galleries/

We are able to offer these beautiful fish at wholesale prices, as with all wholesale orders for 100 fish for be partner with us

When ordering wholesale, please feel free to specify whether you would like HM, HMPK, CT, HM Dumbo or HMPK Dumbo or a mixture of both. After placing your order you can contact us directly to specify your preference.


All type customers can request mixed our process random color only all partners still receive high quality betta fish even competition grade betta fish.

This only fish price not include shipping cost. Recommend contact us for check total cost first.

Thank you for you trust in our quality we will do support and best work for every partner.


Nice Betta Thailand.CO.,LTD 

Email: aqua@nicebettathailand.com

Whatsapp: +66840011337

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