What the Cambodian Betta fish

What the Cambodian Betta fish

Cambodian betta shape looks beautiful, like the Chinese betta. But will look different from Chinese betta at the tip of the fins and have a noticeable white color, which, when the Chinese betta has become more popular in foreign countries, makes the Cambodian betta fish similar to Chinese betta More popular in foreign countries.

Cambodian Betta fish

Which is a by-product from the Chinese fish market having better foreign markets Therefore bringing the Cambodian betta, which is beautiful like a Chinese betta, is sent out as well. Today, the fish culture is not only focused on cultivating fish for gambling as before. But have turned to cultivate, look, play, beautiful, enjoy, and cultivate to be more export products, which is expected that Thai betta fish can be sent to sell abroad, bringing good income to the country ranked The beginning of all beautiful Thai fish and Khmer fish. Which is cultured in the country is part of the Chinese betta fish that is exported because in addition to being a beautiful fish, beautiful fins are beautiful There are still special qualities that are always in the fight, creating excitement for the shepherd. With Cambodian betta fish trading is not as good as trading Chinese betta fish. Because it is not known or is not as popular as Chinese betta Therefore causing the price of the Cambodian betta fish to be lower than the price of Chinese betta fish. However, the appearance of the Cambodian betta fish is similar to the Chinese betta, which makes the dyeing in some places for people who do not reach the eye. Do not know the difference between Chinese betta fish and Cambodian betta fish are the same price as the Chinese betta. Therefore, in order to prevent further shading, look at the beautiful betta fish like the Chinese betta. But with clear white fins showing that As a Cambodian betta, the price must be lower than the price of Chinese betta, which has been very popular in foreign countries.

At present, the Cambodian betta fish has been developed to include more beautiful colors. Which may make finding the traditional species more difficult.

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