Trick of preparing betta fish before entering the competition

Trick of preparing betta fish for competition

Leaning teach your betta fish for competition step by step

  1. Study the standards clearly in both Thai and foreign work. In each model, try to travel, study and learn from the contest frequently. Watch and observe the fish that won the prize in the standard competition.
  2. Change the water to absorb water for 2-3 days / 1 time 50-70% new water change / dozen After 2-3 days before the race I will change 100% water, making fish familiar with new water in the contest.
  3. Open for fish dance and move morning and evening 15-20 minutes + breakfast – dinner
  4. Get the fish that will be waiting for the contest to get the lights to be familiar to the fish will not stress and in the contest.
  5. Send an inflatable couple who is not hoping or hoping to get to the left and right for the character that we hope to be beautiful Making the body that we hope to swim beautiful, standing well, because of the habit of inflating fish together
  6. Try to move and move the square before the actual contest. Trying to make the inflatable fish fight with all colors, all types will not be shocked easily, do not remove the color when the director lifts the square
  7. Practice to the fish to fight with the pen . Because one thing that is the weapon on the body of the director is “pen”
  8. The charm of betta fish is to inflate.
  9. If the fish is beautiful, but not inflated, try to put with the female, the smaller male Or change the inflatable Do whatever it takes to inflate
    To get the fish to compete for me If the fish is not inflated, I will not choose to go. Because of the opportunity to be brought to the finalists There is very little.

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