7 taboos for raising betta fish for newbies

7 taboos for raising betta fish for newbies

Betta fish basically, they are most suitable for nature, such as by swamps or fields and grow naturally.

This is the primary reason that we will explain.

Betta fish water

Betta fish should not be live with drinking water or distilled water.

Because it can harm the life of the fish. Many of people may be misunderstood as being clean and good for the fish, which is wrong…. Because in distilled water or drum water, not have minerals are needed for fish and makes the fish excrete waste and mucus out more than usual.

The best way should be natural water or tap water.

Betta fish with Sunlight

Do not place the aquarium in place. With strong sunlight 

Showing severe sunshine may cause the water temperature to suddenly change and may allow your fish to die.

Betta fish with Lizard

Do not place the aquarium in the wall too.

Because the mighty enemy is a lizard, may eat your fish There should be a container to close the top of the aquarium. Please don’t think that the little lizard Can’t eat your fish Because if you actually put your fish outside without water He will be much smaller.

Put betta fish with another fish

Should not be live together with other types of fish

Because Betta fish, by their nationality, are fighters. May cause other fish to have a wound or die Especially if it’s            a small fish May be eaten at all. Should keep the aquarium separate.

Betta fish with sea salt

Do not add salt containing iodine

Because iodine water will cause fish flakes or skin irritation. Should be use sea salt none iodine for him.

Sea salt will help increase immunity for the betta fish. And inhibit germs in the water.

Putting salt should wear the water we change. Should put a little, if put too much, it can be bad as well.

Betta fish with almond leave
Betta fish with almond leave

Do not put fresh Almond leaves.

Because the fresh leaves will have rubber from the tree attached And that is very bad and harmful to the fish.

Should choose dried leaves The Malabar leaves will contain Tannin. Which this substance helps to adjust the

acidity and alkalinity of the water which is suitable for fish Including inhibiting bacteria.

Betta fish for sale

Do not fill the full cabinet with water.

Because it may make your fish jump out more easily If you have a lid, the water will let the air in the cabinet less,

which may cause the fish to not be able to use oxygen the water surface.

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