Betta fish Black Samurai and Black mambar

First black samurai and Black mambar in the world

If we talk about Siamese fighting fish for this moment no body don’t know Black samurai or Black mambar betta fish. But only few people know how they come and how to breeding this color

How they come? and How about genetic?

This article will let you know and easy to understand

Briefly the moment on successful breeding in 5 years into a short text.

Back to since 2007 Somkiat Intamu by Aquastar71 think about create Betta fish black color but need to have some few scales on body

for more easy take a picture because Solid Black betta fish camera is hard to focus and take a picture.

But this moment still have Super Black Black Copper & Black Dragon only.

Many people may think that it is not difficult because there is a similar color to develop the Back color have scales on body

like Black Samurai. But that’s not at all.

He got try many pair from Super Black with Black Copper and Super Black with Black Dragon many time in 2 years breeding this color

he still not succeed until he began to lose hope.

He made all leave the decisions fry breeding he mad about black samurai.

Until finally, He changed a new plan for cultivating a new color with his plans to breed Black White Dragon color.

He made the decision to breed this color by use Black Copper already have Black Mustard Gas in genetic breeding with Black Dragon.

Finally he got Black Warior this his name his fish. Black Warrior but He buyer make fish name Black Samurai and all most people Call Black Samurai since then.

This is first Black Samurai from him since 2011

Siamese fighting fish
Siamese fighting fish
Picture by Somkait Intamu Aquastar71

Last picture you can see fish still have a little bid yellow on fin because fish need to have Mustard Gas in Genetic.

What about HMPK Black Samurai?

HMPK Black Samurai you can buy any where about this color in Plakat shot fin because easy to control for fin not cello.

Not like half moon if genetic not strong color all most fin is cello or white.

HMPK Black Samurai

Half moon Black Samurai

Hard to find until now. Because when breeder breeding this color the problem is cello will hard to sale.

That any breeder in Thailand not popular breeding in long tail have any problem more than shot fin example bite fin, fin rot, roll fin

So that why hard to buy in half moon Black Samurai or Black mambar

Half moon black mambar
Half moon black samurai

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