Biography of the white betta fish

White betta fish

White betta fish and will be known in the betta industry already. because it is a color that has been around for a long time and is still a constant trend But how many people will know how many types of white betta fish you see?
Nice Betta Thailand will take you back to the past to get to know each type of white betta fish.

Biography of the white betta

White betta has been a betta since 2001. Somkiat Inthamu, the world’s first white betta breeding pioneer.

From the golden color, after that, light golden males and females with light golden color closest to white are taken in this group. which has golden blood to rebreed until a white gene comes out

but the whiteness color at that time was very difficult to find the pure white beauty Most of them have black soot on the body most of the time, so have to develop inbreed and switch bloodlines continuously. Until now, almost no black soot is seen on the body.

There are 3 types of white betta fish.

White platinum betta fish by Nice Betta Thailand
  1. White platinum betta fish
    White platinum bettas are white bettas with fine, shiny scales on their body. And it’s even more beautiful when it’s in an aquarium with light that hits the shining platinum that makes it look eye-catching.
White Opaque by Nice Betta Thailand

2. White opaque betta fish
It is a kind of white betta with white scales, maybe slightly pinkish. Because it is a fish with thin scales, it makes the flesh color pink through the scales. and the scales on its body will not shine. It will be completely mette white.

White Dragon betta fish by Nice Betta Thailand

3. White Dragon betta fish
Classified as a type of rare betta fish. Although classified in the general white fish category. First White Dragon betta fish in the world breed from Nice Betta Thailand International betta fish farm.
The body is white, shiny, shiny, beautiful, and the scales on the body are thicker than usual, which have the features of Dragon scales in them, which are considered to be very beautiful and quite rare to find.
At present, the pure white white dragon is hardly seen in the market, so Nice Betta Thailand plans to revive the “White Dragon” to see each other again.

And this is the biography of all white betta fish that we have given examples. Friends have questions, can ask each other.

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