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    First time betta breeders is always questioning about when to jar their betta fries. Base on experience of my friends below are a few tips for jarring betta fishes.

    1.Jarring can start from 2nd month onward. Fish length is around 3cm.

    2.If you breed your fishes in a large container like a pond, you wait till 3-4 months before jarring. Fish also grows faster in a large enclosure.

    3.Some breeder jar as early as possible to train their betta to be aggressive and this allows them to cull betta fries early.

    4.Referring to my first Dumbo betta spawn, I jarred the betta fries after 2 month 1 week from the day they hatch.

    5.More plants in the out grow tank will help reduce aggression and fin bitting.

    6.Jar as soon as you see aggression to minimize fins biting.

    Me jarring estimate 120-150 betta fries.

    For Singaporeans wondering where I get my jarring cups from, I got them from SKP. I bought 50 clear cups for around $5-6. This cups are slight more expensive as they are more rigid and clearer. Product code is “CUP-PET-12”

    For thoses that have a bigger pocket, you can op for cny goodies container from liang teck plastic, they cost around $0.80-$1 per piece. They are also the supplier for the infamous SU 830 container that is frequently used by betta hobbyist for fish keeping.

    Looking for quality betta fish
    can check
    By Nice Betta Thailand

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