Habit of betta fish

Habit of betta fish

Betta is an aggressive fish with the same betta fish. But not fierce with other fish species Female has a peaceful habit. Can be put together more than one. The fierce male must be should be separately. In normal conditions, swimming with a normal posture Fins wrapped like regular fish But as soon as he saw the same betta fish Go to dance around And find an immediate attack on the opponent

Well being of betta fish

The native fish Betta fish do not have to adjust to any environment of our house. Because this place is already his hometown

The optimum water temperature is 28-30 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is higher than that, it can be fed. But the fish are not as healthy as they should be And should not let the temperature be lower than 28 degrees Celsius because the fish will not start and show sickness In the case of cold weather Can use the heater to dip into the sink to maintain heat and keep the temperature constant or move the fish out to get sunlight, can help as well


  • If you want to feed the fish in the air-conditioned room Should not adjust the temperature to below 25 degrees Celsius because the water is very cold Until the fish is absorbed and sick
  • Always observe the behavior of fish. If the fish seep, should adjust the water conditions and the new environment, such as changing water and bringing out to get more light.
  • May put algae in a container or container But should be placed in a place that receives sufficient light

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