History of betta fish

History of betta fish

Betta fish is a beautiful fish that everyone is well known. Which comes from the scientific name of this fish is ” Betta splendens ” And also known as ” Siamese Fighting Fish ” Or fighting fish from Thailand.

Previously, the betta is a fish that lives in all parts of Thailand. We call these natural bite fish that are “fish bite”. They have short tails and long body. But no one knows for sure how long the betta farming in Thailand has started. It is believed that Thai people are known to feed the original species of fish that are spooned from swamps in the fields to be used as a children’s play and folk sports games.

From the words of an old-fashioned betta gangster It is said that in the past, Thais preferred to catch fish before competing before releasing. And just turned to the development of the fish bite together around. In 1890, starting with the observation that The fish caught up will bite better than the newly caught oneself. In 1953, they began to search for special bite fish to mix together. The newly caught wild fish Fry from the mixture is called ” Plasang kasee ” It is expected that the name is derived from the appearance of thick skin, durable when bitten, it is difficult to wound. In that era, zinc betta fish were sturdy fish. If one is bitten and is patient, he can be selected as a father-mother. And picking out fish that have distinctive characteristics, cultivating to the larger body and more resistant to the next generation, which is called ” Plakadmor ”


Wild betta fish

After that, there was a developer of long-tailed betta fish to feed, look beautiful and play in the jar. The traditional long-tailed betta fish is ” Veitail ” But not popular to bite Because it has less water and is easy to find

Thai people know the short tail fish on behalf of ” Plakad mor ” and know long tail of ” Veitail ” For a long time until people tried to cultivate other types of betta fish that were strange and different from many other things, such as the crown-shaped betta fish known as ” Crowtail ” and ” Half moon ” With a curved tail like a crescent moon until ” Dumbo ”

It can be said that the purpose of raising the fish is to change according to the customs and the state. Originally focused on raising a sport game by bringing two fish to bite each other to find the only winner. Became a party to see more colors and styles But regardless of how long it will change Betta fish farming still creates entertainment and stress for the owner as well.

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