How to care betta fish fry

How to care betta fish fry

Each person has a unique perspective on this issue. We saw fish on the list online auction Aquabid or on the website to create your own reputation, that they achieve the perfect beauty when only 2 or 3 months old, and then look to seem frustrating at the child his age as tadpole 4 months and wondering what I was doing wrong. These advantages make your fish grow faster, of course, that you can achieve your breeding goals faster by conducting the next Rice pressed after every 3-4 months instead of 7-8 months. Because most people are attracted to breeding betta fish, specifically because of the combination of colors / patterns their almost unlimited, and proceed to the next generation as quickly as possible is which we most desire.

How to care betta fry grow faster

However, you can also among the breeders for whom the betta just entertainment but not interested they grow too slowly. In that case, the following guidelines may be helpful for you if you like to display or sell their fish, and want them to grow as fast as possible in a given time.

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Here is what I think is the most important of these important water quality. Most new breeders usually do not change the water level enough that they should take to fry grow rapidly. The main reason is the only dedicated breeders feel the need to change the water once or twice a week is sufficient to maintain concentrations of ammonia and nitrite / nitrate in the aquarium. Although this is necessary to ensure long-term healthy betta fry, but change the water twice a week is not enough to help your fry grow best.

This explanation is not simple. The scientific research has demonstrated that most species of fish, including bettas, secretes hormones that inhibit growth. Betta fish are, it can be said that the growth hormone potential limitations of the smaller children in the herd and bring advantages to the bigger, stronger. Although it is difficult to explain the significant difference in size between the fishes in the same herd, in my personal opinion based on what I know, this hormone actually inhibits the growth of fish so they can not grow fast in their living environment. In nature, this is a useful tool to ensure that there is enough space and resources for the whole flock. Also in the tank, this is not favorable. Only a few in the herd of about a hundred in the 10 gallon will soon release a sufficient amount of hormone to inhibit the growth of a strong unless the water is changed, and changed on a regular basis. I replace at least 50% of your aquarium water every day. Other successful breeders say that they replace 80-100% of water per day and get great results.

Began to change the water when they reach 2 weeks of age. If you start pressing the water a half, when they reach about 2 weeks old, you can begin to add water, one gallon at a time, on each day until full tank. This process should last for 4-7 days, then fry large enough to be able to use a siphon tube to change the water more easily. Just suck the dregs from the bottom of the tank with a small siphon tube (I tied the end of the tube into a syringe for easy manipulation) and carefully vacuum the bottom of the tank. When the lake is clean, you can use the cups to scoop out the remaining 50% of the water fast and can detect if you happen to hit any child. When you scoop out half of the water, you simply fill the tank with clean water has been treated. I do not recommend more than 50-70% water changes every day. Although the fish grow faster when all hormones are taken out of the water, but I found that instead of the entire country when young fish can make them nervous.

After the fish are separated, you may be able to continue to make the fish grow by 100% water changes every day.

Betta fish for sale


Although I always betta suggested by the best type of food that you have but I noticed that only a minor problem compared to the water quality. I betta reaches exhibition size within 4 months with nothing but frozen food and lots of water changes. Fresh or frozen food does not play a decisive role for fish to grow quickly, but they can improve the health and general condition of the fish, but it also contributed to the fish reach larger size – so please applied when you can.

An interesting method to feed bettas thrive is described by a breeder from IBC Rod Panerio, he said that the betta can reach the exhibition size within 8-12 weeks of using this technique . He combines several water changes to cram for fry large quantities of fresh food rich in protein. Food choices consistent with the size of the fish, he said the greatest foods that they can swallow. Fish were fed several times a day, so much so that they can eat. Some might argue that this approach is extreme because he noted that many fish die of indigestion. However, this method provides remarkably effective! As mentioned, he is also rather a lot of water in the aquarium, a strong push to create beautiful betta fish, notably large and rapidly in a very short time.

I realized that if I replace plenty of water every day, it can take a lot of time, especially when you have a lot of lakes. This is very difficult to implement, especially when most of us still have to sort of work, family and other activities not related to fish. However, if you get stuck in the fish, I simply suggest that you try to do – even once – just to see what happens .. I believe you will be satisfied with the results. Besides stimulating the betta fish grow faster, regular water changes with food quality also makes beautiful betta once they mature. So you roll up his sleeves and plunged his hand into the water. I think you will discover that it is worth it.

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