How to breed betta fish for the desired colorHow to breed betta fish for the desired color

How to breed betta fish for the desired color

Breeding of betta fish is not difficult. But breeding to get the desired color is not easy.

Culturing a single color fish or one color throughout the body, such as red, orange, blue and black is easy. Just take the father-mother of the same color to mix together. Most of the children will have the same color as the father-mother. But mixing to have pure color No soot or other traces of color on the scales are difficult. Especially yellow and orange.

Color genetics

Fancy betta fish with more than one color on the same body is more difficult. Cultured larvae often have no form or color. But will be scattered many Found only a small color that is similar to the prototype. Depends on luck and rhythm.

Originally believed If you want to get a bite of a fish, draw a male betta fish and paint it as you want to put it on the jar with female fish. And then find the fish of the same color to mix with the same fish. But in practice it is not true Because everything is determined by the Genetic of all father-mother species.

Betta fish for sale

Good male-female selection.

The breeder must be strong, active, not lethargic, colorful as desired, and skillfully. 4 months or more

The mother must be strong, swim well, belly up, under the abdomen, have a white protruding polyp, called the egg pellet, close to the buttocks, aged 3 months or more.

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