How to caring betta fish fry for the most surviving

How to caring betta fish fry for the most surviving

How to caring betta fish fry for the most surviving.

Today I will talk about the breeding of beautiful betta fish. Which many of you are successful But there are many who do not succeed and have asked me often That the betta fish that breed in a few days have disappeared Or that the eggs come out and eat all the eggs Discourage further breeding Or sometimes seeding is only a few When he started to grow up, he began to die. Which many of you have to face these problems for sure And today, I will answer each issue to the point of doubt. For newbies who often experience problems.

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Started with a few days of biting the fish. The cause is from the larvae when hatched from the eggs already. The food bags that are attached to the stomach, the bite of the fish, have been used up and the larvae cannot find food to eat. Therefore lacking food until dry, dead Caused by poor water quality, acidity and alkalinity Causing larvae that are not strong, unable to find food, eat until they are thin and dry, dissolve with water until they are completely gone and do not see the remains For the solution of water quality, salt should be added every time before breeding to kill certain types of germs. And in addition, should put the Malabar leaves every time before seeding. In the Malabar leaves, there will be tannins to help adjust the acidity and alkalinity in the water suitable for the growth of the fish. Or there is another case of larvae when swimming out of the eye If not receiving food in a timely manner, there are also parts that cause the fish to die as well. Therefore, when observing that the larvae swim out of the eye, should be able to provide food at all. If it is a fresh mite, it should not be filtered out by large mites because we want the baby to breed or breed larvae. Which we can not see the children of the mites are fresh with naked eyes And many people like to filter out their parents.

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For anyone who is experiencing problems with the fish dad, eating all the eggs This issue is the instinct of the male or the fish that knows that the eggs that are released are not infected and are not so it will eat out. Because one of them is sterile or may not be ready for breeding This issue, I suggest changing the pair. Try to breed again.

Now comes to the point that when the fish grow up a bit, it starts to die. This problem may be caused by many causes such as white spots, bacteria, fungi and others. If we try to take a magnifying glass to the fry Will see that the larvae are flaky and have white spots on the fry So I like to grow in a clear cabinet. Since we are able to see the disease of larvae with magnifying glass Making it possible to treat the disease promptly To find drugs to cure the disease In which timely treatment may help to lessen the death of fish larvae. Survival opportunity 50:50

Arriving in the event that you have planted Fry out in the water, refusing to go under water. Because there may not be enough oxygen in the water or the acidic water is alkaline Causing the fish to not eat or refuse to swim to find food to eat I recommend going to buy oxygen to connect the cable to the sand head. And open the air as much as possible to adjust the condition of oxygen in the water Emphasize that the opening is very light, because if the oxygen is strong, the fish will swim upstream. When growing up, the ears of the fish will spread and lose personality And every time before you breed betta fish, you should have an ecological system to adjust the water well before planting.

Finally, I think this information is very useful for new breeders. Try doing as I said, probably help a lot. Every problem has a solution if we know the cause and fix it in time.

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