How to packing betta fish

How to packing betta fish

Fish preparation for delivery

  1. No feeding fish before 1 day delivery.
  2. Should change the fish water to allow him to drive the waste out
    This will make the fish travel more and more safely when things less sewage and reduce the growth of bacteria.
  3. Should allow him to inflate, fight or look at another betta.
  4. This will make fish tried not move a lot in packing prevent damage of the tail fin.

Materials used

  1. Fish bag size 4×12 for regular size and 6×12 for giant size
  2. Sleep medicine (Nika)
  3. Metalinblue
  4. Fish scoop equipment

Fish pack procedure

  1. Mix 2 liters of water with 15 drops of metalinblue และ 2 drop of sleep medicine.
  2. Pour the water we mix into the bag 1/4 of bag
  3. Scoop the fish from the aquarium into the bag
  4. Bind the bag together with air in the bag.
  5. Should use scotch tape to close the bag corner to prevent the fish from sticking to the corner
    This step is important. The problem of fish death caused by fish can not hold the oxygen from the surface because fish is stuck in the corner of the bag we should be close corner.

Finish have a good packing make fish safe travel

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