Benefits Of Tannins Or Blackwater For Bettas.

Benefits Of Tannins Or Blackwater For Bettas.

I personally use savu pods and dried bananana stems from tannin aquatics. I buy them at a local aquatic shop here in Omaha, Nebraska. My water is light tan to a pinkish tink in color at this time. My betta fish has not had any problems with her health at all and I have had them in the tank for about four months. It is said that tannins in aquarium’s is supposed to keep the fish healthy by eliminating bacterial infections the acidic water is supposed to kill off deadly microorganisms. It is also believed to have antifungal properties, betta breeders say it helps the betta fish heal faster after a fight. If a fish is sick add the IAL to the quarantine tank and keep temperature warm about 82 f and don’t use carbon in the filter for the quarantine time of 2 to 3 weeks. Betta breeders actually don’t use medication in the tank they prefer to use IAL and clean water. It aides in breeding by speeding up the process, and helps prevent infections in the fry. It lowers the concentrations of heavy metals in the water, not good for snails and aquatic crustations. It reduces algea growth, brings out the color of the betta, as well as toughening up there skin, therefore growing stronger and healthier. It prevents disease by killing off bacteria and fungi in the tank, boosting their immune system. Breeders claim it increases the male to female ratio of the fry. Some people just use it at times of pampering the fish like a new tank, adding of new fish to tank, breeding, in the fry aquarium, when they are sick, and or being transported. I recommend using them all the time, my fish seems really happy and healthy with them in her tank.

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