How to treat betta fish got dropsy

How to treat betta fish got dropsy

Is a disease characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity caused by a malfunction of the water and mineral balance system and circulatory system It consists of gills, liver, kidneys and heart.

Dropsy or Ascites

Siamese fighting fish Mara or ascites Or a disease that causes the fish to have a bloated belly, like a belly that explodes And is nearing death Which is a disease that many people have already met for this disease And some people may still not know what the disease actually is and how to treat it Let’s see. This disease comes from the virus. The fish that have stomach diseases, the devil scales, will point up. The abdomen is swollen due to fluid inside the abdomen. And the fish will not eat Most of these diseases are found in betta fish. Because the party gives too much food to make the fish bloating The fish cannot digest food.

Caused by infectious disease or parasitic disease Non-infectious diseases such as tumors, cyst disease, hereditary disease Degenerative diseases, etc., which affect the organs mentioned above.

Betta fish Dropsy
Betta fish Dropsy2

Credit picture : Dr.Ken Betta

Scabies, or Dropsy, are often found in susceptible bettas. low immunity Infections in the bloodstream, such as Aeromonas sp.

The most common symptoms are dropsy, blistering scales, redness, and bulging eyes on both sides.

The cause of the disease is due to poor water quality. (high ammonia and nitrate not enough oxygen improper temperature) food is not clean too densely fed fish As a result, the betta has stress and weakens the immune system. easily infected with bacteria.

How to treat dropsy

Treatment We will use “good salt” properties of good salts, ie salt that has a concentration of salinity rather than salt. Looks like a white powder used to transfer stomach and relieve constipation in people And can be used in fish as well Can be purchased at traditional pharmacies For treatment Let us put the salt well into the container that the fish is about 1 tablespoon. Then observe the symptoms of the fish. After some time If the fish excrete And the stomach is not swollen, indicating that the fish has recovered from this disease However, the results depend on the length of time that the fish starts to get sick and the use of salt. Keeping it simple, don’t let your fish become this disease for too long. Until unable to recover the life of the fish.


  1. Isolate sick betta fish and put them in a treatment tank. (in the case of collective banquets)
  2. Add 1-2 teaspoons of salt per 1 liter of water.
  3. Use of antibiotics (as recommended by your veterinarian)


  1. Change the betta sauce regularly
  2. Provide clean food
  3. Not raising the larvae of dense betta fish to be born.
  4. Add enough oxygen in the water for the betta fry.

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