Is this a Koi or Betta fish

Is this a Koi or Betta fish?

Don’t be mistaken. The above picture is a betta fish. This is what we call a koi betta. This breed have been created by the thailand breeders by mixing marble gene betta with clear cellophane or white bettas. It requires multiple generations of breeding to achieve such colors. Please beware that some koi betta will change colour as they age due to their marbling genes. Therefore it is possible that breeding 2 koi betta will give you solid coloured betta fishes. Highly priced koi betta are thoses that have a single red spot on their head.

Betta fish for sale

Is this a Koi or Betta fish?

In betta competition, koi betta compete in any other color class. It will be interesting to see how a koi betta colour develop from young. Please hit me up if you have any koi betta spawn and is willingly to put 1 male under my care. I will document it’s growth return the fish in the future ?

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