Tank Requirements And Behavior First Time At Home.

Tank Requirements And Behavior First Time At Home.

The most frequent questions I see with betta fish are about how the betta fish isn’t responding to his new environment. most beginner betta keepers stress over this as a sign of illness or something. I will be resolving that in this post. chosing the correct tank is often a big issues for most people because maintainence is a big part of owning a fish. this blog post will help you get a tank that is appropriate and how betta fish behave to sudden changes in their enviornments.

Tank Requirements

With tanks, cleaning them is an important job. chosing the correct tank can help make that job.

Easier for you and less stressful for the fish. with most of my betta fish, I put them in my aquariums with other fish so that they can learn to be a little less violent, entertained, and have a flow of water (filteration). to keep the tank clean, get an aquarium, 5 gallons or more, and set up a filteration system with lighting. lighting can be a very convenient tool with warming up a tank but a small heater is advisable. chose decorations like plants, rocks, or other objects like sponge bobs pineapple or something. i would suggest live plants because plants can use fish waste as food and the plants can oxygenate the water and help the nitrogen cycle. plants give a natural and healthy look to any aquarium. the reason I wouldn’t suggest bowls is because the surface of the water can develop a film over time when left still. if the film becomes to thick, the fish could suffocate. its kind of like blanket weed in a pond. but if you cant get anything else but a bowl, get one with a cover on it to prevent this (with holes for air). make sure that the flow isn’t to strong for the betta fish. you can chose a regular filter or a sponge filter with not that much flow but cleans naturally. get a cave or tall plants for the betta to rest and hide.

Betta fish mustard gas

after you’ve got the tank and betta fish set, you have to clean the decorations, tank, and water. tap water is fine but you can clean it to be safe. position the objects or plants then release the betta fish! the betta will ususally look here and there before falling asleep or hiding. this is normal.giving time to let the betta get used to its new home and waiting is the best thing to do. if the betta is out, don’t shove your face up to it, don’t even point at it either. just let it relax for a moment. give it some food and if it eats then happiness isn’t that far away. for now, just wait.take the time to name it or observe its behavior and reactions to the environment. over time my bettas began to love seeing me with in a week or so. they would jump at my finger sometimes too.

once agin, thnx for reading and I hope I helped with a few concerns about bettas. leave me comments on what you think, other problems or concerns, or any thing! also rate so I know if you think its good or bad.i will be adding another blog post about betta fish as the age. as soon as im finished with my betta fish knowledge series, I will have a really big surprise for you all that might be pretty interesting. thnx! 🙂

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