Which best food for your betta fish

Which best food for betta fish

Which best food for betta fish?

Betta fish is a carnivorous fish If in nature, they will eat larvae of water insects and small organisms as food. But when fed, the food was changed to make the fish eat more easily. There are 2 types of food for fish farming: fresh food and ready-to-eat food. If fed for beauty, use any food But if raising for trade Fresh food is very necessary. It will help the fish grow faster and have more fresh colors than ready-made food.

1. Finished grain food Is a dry food that has been processed with both sheet and granular form Can be purchased in general food stores and supermarkets There are many brands to choose from. Easy to use because it can be stored for a long time but the price is high.

2. Fresh food is a very important food for the first larvae to hatch. If lacking this type of food, larvae are usually stunted and unhealthy. Most of the fish feeders prefer spoonfuls of water and larvae from early morning water sources and then wash them with clean water several times until they are confident that there are no contaminants that may be harmful to fish And looking for day-to-day Therefore is a rather tricky food if the spoon is kept for a long time The larvae of those insects will hatch into adults. For fresh food that is very popular, including


Easy to find, available for sale at fish bait shops May buy dry eggs to be fed until hatched at home By mixing water with salt and opening an oxygen generator to blow into the water Soon hatched The first hatchery males used to nursery fish as well as red mites. But less effective The full age person is used to feed a teenage fish or a larger betta. But must be washed with fresh water several times to completely remove the salt and clean it in.


Is a freshwater larvae (Chironomus spp.), Fresh red, living in water or wetlands There are people who gather to sell as bait, fish are always beautiful, easy and convenient. Available for both fresh and frozen use Suitable for large fish or fish used as breeder.



Is a traditional Thai betta fish food. Can be easily found in general water sources Used as a food supplement with high protein, making fish thick and fast growing. But have to wash the water several times Or washed with water mixed with potassium permanganate diluted one more time. To kill germs that are attached and should be used up within a few days before becoming a mosquito.



Is an important food for nursery of larvae If lacking this type of food, it will make the fish grow slowly or stunted. Red mites are common in natural water sources. Can breed itself But there are quite tricky methods and may not work as well as they should In case of redness Fish breeders can use other foods, such as young artemia. Parametric or rotifers But not favoring the main food Because there is a process of finding use And prepare more difficult than red mites.



* In case that the Moina is scarce, can use boiled egg yolks thoroughly. But the results are not as good and still have to absorb the sediment and dirt from the bottom of the container to prevent sewage.

Betta fish or Siamese fighting fish after 4 months old no need to much Protein. If you feed with pellets safe for fish can help to protect bacteria from live food Including pellets have been developed. Nutrients such as vitamins needed for fish may be a better choice for you.

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