Betta Fish Life Expectancy

Betta Fish Life Expectancy

When you purchase a Betta fish in the pet store are typically four months old. This is when their fins and color are at full blast. If you purchase a healthy Betta, the typical Betta fish life expectancy is at least two years, but many often live onto four years.

How long do Betta fish live?

With extra special care and attention, it is not usually for Betta’s to reach eight years of age! There are several things you can do to extend Siamese fighting fish life expectancy.

Air Filtration

Because Betta’s can breathe oxygen in the water and the air, filtration systems are often considered unnecessary for your Betta’s aquarium. To increase your Betta’s life expectancy, air filtration is very important. An air filtration system will remove waste and add more oxygen to the water so your Betta does not have to work as hard for air.

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Clean Water

Keeping your tank clean and your water fresh is the single most important aspect in having a long Betta fish life expectancy. Each time you go without cleaning your tank when needed, it lowers your Betta’s immune system and can lead to disease and illness. Just like humans develop health problems in polluted environments, so do Bettas.

A good rule of thumb is to change the water tank every two days per gallon of water. For example, change a one-gallon aquarium every two days, a two gallon aquarium every four days, etc.


Though Betta’s can survive in a small fish bowl, they will thrive in a large aquarium. The bigger the tank, the longer the betta fish life expectancy. Having space to swim, explore and hide is crucial to a Betta’s life expectancy. You should have at least a two-gallon tank for you Betta, but a five-gallon tank is preferable.

Live plants and aquarium toys are also great for Betta fish. Soft, live plants are the perfect place to hide and sleep, and aquarium toys will provide hours of entertainment and exercise. Just remember to only use soft smooth plants and smooth toys so that your Betta does not snag its beautiful fins on pointy or jagged edges. [ ……… ]

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Low Stress Lifestyle

Though Bettas can live with tank mates, it greatly increases a Betta’s stress level, leading to a weakened immune system. Bettas are natural fighters, so even if the tank mates are non aggressive and stay away from the Betta, the Betta’s defenses are constantly high.

With other fish in the tank, it limits the Betta’s space to swim and exercise, making your Betta claustrophobic and unhappy. Tank mates also increase the Betta’s chances of being injured. The Betta’s fins are very delicate, so even a little nibble or tap by another fish can lead to a tear and fin rot.

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Varied Diet

Many Betta’s lead full and healthy lives just be eating Betta pellets bought from the pet store. But to increase betta fish life expectancy, vary your Betta’s diet to ensure it receives enough protein and fiber.

Replace a pellet feed three times a week with a few live bloodworms or brine shrimp. Not only are these excellent sources of protein for your Betta, they also provide entertainment and exercise since your Betta will need to chase them!

Bettas are also prone to constipation from a repetitive diet. It’s a good idea to use two different brands of Betta pellets, in addition to the live feedings.

The best advice for extending your Betta’s life is to check on your fish every day and observe its behaviors. If something in its behavior changes, something may be wrong with its wellbeing.

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