Choose a Home for a Betta Fish: 8 Steps (Pictures)

Choose a Home for a Betta Fish

How to choose home for betta fish


Figure out your budget. Do you have enough money for a 3 gallon (11.4 L) tank or a 15-gallon? Keep a heater, filter, lid, decorations, and other necessities in mind.

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Go to the pet store!

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Pick out the tank you had in mind. Many betta fish experts say a 3 gallon (11.4 L) bowl/tank is the minimum, with 5 gallons being even better.

  • The “one inch of fish per gallon” rule applies here. That means a 3 gallon is efficient for one adult betta.
  • Please do not put your fish in a vase with a plant and expect it to eat the roots. Bettas are insectivores and will die of starvation.
Choose a Home for a Betta Fish Step 3 Version 2


Don’t forget to get a heater, substrate (sand/gravel), hiding places, plants, and gravel vacuum for your finned friend.

  • A filter is a must! Although some people say bettas don’t need filters, they keep the water cleaner and house most of the beneficial bacteria that will keep toxin levels lower.
  • Go home and set up the tank. Now you’re ready to cycle the tank! It takes two weeks to a month to get an aquarium ready for fish. Drop some fish food to create ammonia for the denitrifying bacteria to feed off of. Read up on the nitrogen cycle in home aquaria!
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After your tank has fully cycled, go get a betta fish at the pet store! Betta fish can be as little as a dollar up to thirty dollars at the pet store.

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Get some betta food while you’re at it.

Try to provide a variety of high-quality pellets, frozen, freeze-dried, and live foods. You may have to experiment- Some bettas are very picky! High-quality pellets have minimal meal ingredients and more whole ones. Omega One and New Life Spectrum are both good brands. Most bettas enjoy frozen bloodworms as a treat, though limit it to up to two days a week.

Choose a Home for a Betta Fish Step 7 Version 2


Acclimate your new fish to his tank! Don’t just drop Mr. Fishy in his new home! Float the cup or bag in the water for twenty minutes and slowly add some of the tank water into it.

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Remember to change his water and feed him!

Tanks 10 gallon (37.9 L) and under should recieve a 25% water change every week. Aquariums 10 gallon (37.9 L) and larger can wait two weeks before requiring a partial water change.

Choose a Home for a Betta Fish Step 9 Version 2

all easy step for choose home for a betta fish

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