Fluorescent betta fish

Fluorescent betta fish

Fluorescent betta fish are genetically modified organisms (GMO) fish That are heavily traded in Indonesia. Originated from scientists The National University of Singapore in 1999 by extracting Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) from jellyfish into zebrafish larvae or zebra fish. The first objective is to develop fish that can monitor pollution. By being able to glow in the presence of a toxic environment.

Later it was developed to glow red. By adding genes from marine corals and fluorescent yellow-orange. by adding different jellyfish genes.

Yorktown Technologies in the United States developed and licensed the distribution under the name Glofish. Glofish is currently owned by Spectrum Brands.

Genetically modified fluorescent fish Commonly traded such as Tiger barb (Sumatran tiger), Danio (zebra), German tiger, red crow and, most recently, betta fish.

GLO Betta fish

Why we should not support the cultivation GMO betta fish?

Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. This is because they do not want the original species to be genetically contaminated and have an irreversible impact on the ecosystem.

For GMO ornamental fish that come into Thailand, other species such as zebras, German tigers, and Sumatran tigers are foreign species. We are not afraid of genetic contamination.

But…if it’s a Siamese fighting fish The more worrying problem is that if there are many breeding In addition to genetic contamination may easily affect the ecosystem Because betta fish are easy to breed and propagate quickly. When released into natural habitats, GMO genetics have a high impact on the original ecosystem. Moreover, betta fish are economic pets. (Now more than 130 member countries … do not import and export)

When countries ask for cooperation from member states Let’s take care of this matter. Thailand, which is a member. must comply And Nice Betta Thailand.CO.,LTD attach great importance to nature and the original ecosystem.

Nice Betta Thailand Farm, we always strive to develop creative colors and quality of betta fish. And we also pay attention to the nature, beauty of betta fish and the ecosystem. without using chemicals on the fish all along
We would like to thank our patrons who have always supported us.

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