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    Class betta fish Guideline Solid color

    Class color betta fish Guideline Solid color

    Class Guide: A1 – Solid 

    A1 Class: Soild class for betta fish this show encompasses all single coloured fish. For this specific show we are combining both metallic and non-metallic, light and dark into a single class. It is a tough class with many good fish able to ascend, it is a high possibility that the winner from this class will represent a quality worthy of a division champion. Judges are looking for both good colour and a physically well developed fish. Here are some visual examples of the classes we have. Not pictured, but able to compete are Turquoise, Opaque and Green. 5 places per class are up for winning.


    Example in long fin

    Half moon Super Red

    Red Betta fish


    Half moon Steell Blue betta fish

    Half moon Stell Blue


    Half moon Copper Gold

    Half moon Copper Gold


    What is UBF? 

    UBF exists as international conglomerate to unite, assist, incubate and preserve information and worldwide standards of Siamese fighting fish. UBF is primarily and information resource and round table of continuous knowledge base networking with the objective of developing high level genetic understanding while preserving the heritage of Betta as and iconic show fish.


    Class Color Guideline Dark Metallic all types



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