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    Why betta fish like to jump out of tank?

    Betta fish are high on beauty, with long trailing fins and brilliant colors, but low on maintenance and expense. Although bettas have been traditionally kept in vases and other small containers, a tank where temperature and water chemistry is regulated provides a home that a betta will be truly happy in. Betta fish are good jumpers and may exit an uncovered tank or bowl when conditions in their environment are unsuitable.


    Let Me Out of Here

    Too small of a tank and the resultant ammonia buildup are the primary reasons a betta will jump out of his environment. Partitioned tanks where bettas are kept apart from other fish in a larger tank can solve the ammonia problem, but your betta may jump to try to fight a fish he sees as a rival — basically any fish that has long fins or is brightly colored.

    Siamese fighting fish

    Staying Put

    A 5- to 10-gallon tank with a heater to keep water temperature between 78 and 82 degrees will keep your betta fish swimming in ideal conditions. Plant with aquatic plants to reduce ammonia and nitrates and provide cover where your betta feels secure. Top off the setup with a screened cover that allows air to flow freely over the water’s surface so your fish can breathe, but provides a physical barrier to prevent escape.

    For better should be have cover top on tank.


    Can Betta Fish Jump?




    How to tell if your betta fish is happy


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