How to know your betta fish sick

How to know your betta fish sick

How to observe betta fish sick fish.

Diseases and betta fish farming are paired. It can be said that there are no people who have never had fish before. Because the fish itself can be sick or weak as well as people according to the general life cycle, even if the fish cannot speak But it can send many signals to say that it is sick For symptoms that indicate that the fish is sick.

  • Eat less food
  • Floating still, not swimming to the owner for food Or come out to join the group with friends
  • There is a lot of mucus that is dark or pale

common diseases for betta fish.

There are many reasons for the disease of betta fish.

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Diseases caused by bacteria and fungi, including.

Rotted fin

Rotted fin is a common disease Caused by unclean water Or there is a lot of food waste sediment Bacteria named Pseudomonas fluorecens invade Causing the fins and tail to be cleft like a bite The tip is reddish, similar to hemorrhage. Fish not moving Floating still in the water near the surface Or lying in the closet If not being treated properly, it will spread rapidly until it reaches life.

How to treat the use of yellow drugs used with goldfish Or drugs in the acrylamine group (Acriflavine) Mix 50 mg of water per 1 liter of water to help reduce inflammation and infection of wounds.


Dropsy is a common disease Caused by bacteria named Aeromonas hydrophila, which shows symptoms Swollen stomach from nephritis and dilated blood vessels With blood seeping from the gums and the body until the skin becomes noticeably red Usually occurs during the winter and the fish are in dirty water for a long time.

How to treat 1-2 grams of sea salt mixed with 1 liter of water in combination with yellow drugs used for goldfish or drugs in the acrylamine group (Acriflavine) at a ratio of 50 mg per 1 liter of water will help reduce inflammation and infection of the wound

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Diseases caused by parasites.

Lernaea or anchor worm

Is a small parasite that is easily visible. The dominant feature is the head like an anchor. Which is embedded into the fish tissue and the body is cylindrical Usually a thin, clear line The fish that have an anchor worm island are bruised around the itching. There are clear thin lines extending from the fish. And often infected from the mouth of the wound that has been opened.

How to treat If not found, use a tweezer or pliers to pull out a thin line that extends out of the fish before using Dimilin in a ratio of 1 gram per 1,000 liters of water. Soak only once to get rid of the larvae.

Ich or white spot

Caused by protozoa Ich thyophthirius multifiliis, which is the skin side of the epidermis Easily observed symptoms Because on the body there will be small white spots around If it is very much, some fish will have itching and drowsiness, floating still on the water surface, not eating food, often having trembling periodically. Wheezing, wheezing and faster than normal fish Usually occurs when the temperature of the water changes suddenly, such as winter or rainy season The optimum temperature for increasing the number of parasites is between 24-26 degrees Celsius.

How to treat use a white spot medication which has many brands. Or soak for formalin 25-30 cc per 1,000 liters of water for 24 hours every day, continuously for 3 days or soak for 24 hours, every 3 consecutive days. Change the water to be clean.

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