Herbs for betta fish

Herbs for betta fish

Herbs for betta fish and tip to use.

Terminalia catappa Is a large tree that is common in Thailand Thai people, we know and bring the Malabar leaves to use to bite fish since ancient times.

Betta breeders to compete as a sports game Popular culture of fish in the Indian almond leaf fermentation Because it is believed that it makes the scales strong According to studies, it has been found that The dried Indian almond leaves are rich in Tannin (Tannin) which has the effect of inhibiting bacteria in the water And adjust the water condition to be weak acid Suitable for breeding or breeding of betta fish very much. Some people may use dried banana leaves instead of Malabar leaves. Which has a tannin substance that helps inhibit bacteria as well.

There are many ways to use almond leaves or banana leaves in raising fish. But the most convenient and clean way is There are 2 ways to make almond leaves water.

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Indian almond leaves boiled water There are steps as follows.

Clean the almond leaves 2-3 times.

Fill the water in the boiling pot to flood the leaves. Press the leaves to sink.

Boil over low heat for a period of time, wait for the leaves to rise for about 20 minutes until the leaves are dark brown, bruised and the water has dark brown color.

Turn off the light, wait for it to cool, then use it to feed the fish.

Almond leaves This method is not complicated, starting from.

Keep the leaves dry and clean. Then tear into pieces.

Put into the container that fed the betta fish, press the leaves to sink.

Next 24 hours water will turn brown.

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  • Should keep the Almond leaves or dried banana leaves completely falling from the natural origin. By choosing leaves that are purple-brown and without black mold There will be concentrated tannin and darker colors.
  • Boiling time should not be water until the edge of the pot To prevent water overflowing time.
  • After boiling may cause white sediment. Should be left to settle before being used
  • If the ceiling is floating at the water surface Should use tissue paper to remove the blemish to allow the fish to gobble up the air better.
  • Do not put the almond leaves too much as they may cause insufficient oxygen.
  • If soaking in the almond leaves in water for more than 1 week, it may cause sewage. Should change half of the water with add new almond leaves.

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