Stable betta fish genetic is important

Stable betta fish genetic is important for breeding?

This is a frequently asked question for Breeder from Nice Betta Farm.

Many of you may have encountered the problem of buying colored fish, both male and female. But after breeding, not getting the desired color Or the color according to the male and Female, meaning the parents of fish blood line not stable genetic.

Therefore, intensive bloodline stable genetic is very important to fish to meet the goals we set.

How do we know? That the fish we bought are stable genetic and pure or not?

Good question That fish-breeder Only to know whether the fish we breed are stable genetic or not

But the buyer can use the strategy to ask the seller, for example, the parent of the fish, what color to get this color, or permission to see the parent fish that breed?

If the parent fish color is different from the fish we are looking for Can count that the blood is not stable and strong genetic enough

But if we already know and clearly know that the parent fish as the child means The fish we are looking for is highly concentrated in blood.

Can make the fish have a stable genetic lineage?

The method is very simple, that is, in breed. Inbred means that we use the fish that we breed to breed again by using Fry in the same litter to breed To get more intense bloodline

This method will take a lot of time more than 1 year for culture to get stable genetic fish.  Recommend find stable genetic is better.

Example for make betta fish stable genetic

Inbreed line

F1 = Generation 1 = 50% genetic

F2 = Generation 2 = 75% genetic

F3 = Generation 3 = 95% genetic

All fish breeding can’t get 100% stable genetic but you can make them stable genetic

If you have any question about this please comment bellow!!

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