About Betta fish

About Betta fish

Common betta fish can be divided into 2 groups betta fish. And betta fish In Thailand, there are 5 species of betta fish that are known as “wild fish” with and have developed many different colors for hundreds of years to the present. Betta fish that are sold in the market have a variety of colors and shapes called ” Beautiful Betta Fish ” which is popular for watching, playing with ” Betta Fish ” that is raised for biting, is a sport and competitive game. Which both fish groups are different As for betta fish, which are fish that live in turbulent water sources, there is an evolutionary method of raising the eggs in the mouth until hatching. Is considered a fish known only in the fish industry.

If raising for beauty, then do not have to pay attention to the popularity of the market or adhere to the species very much. But if commercial farming should focus on the correctness and good characteristics of the species Including the needs of consumers In order to be able to produce products that meet the needs of consumers and be able to continue to expand in the future.

Therefore hereby recommend only ” Beautiful Betta Fish ” that provides aesthetic benefits as the main, widely popular and preferred market. Therefore suitable as a supplementary career to generate the most income in the household

Betta fish for sale

For the dominant species of fish that are easy to buy and sell betta fish , there are around main 7 species, including

veiltail betta (VT) 

Officially referred to as the long-tail fin betta, the tail brush is a long-tailed betta fish. The tail base is large and gradually tapering to the tip of the tail. The caudal fins do not spread much. For the origin of the name, it is expected that it comes from the tail that crumbled like the noble dress in that Chinese drama.

Plakat (PK)

Is the name used to refer to the short-tailed betta fish. The tail is a traditional breed that has been raised in Thailand for a long time. Most of the body is dark. Looks thick and hardy with many colors And being the father-mother of the breed that is used to improve the variety of colors Many more, as seen today.

Half-moon Plakat (HMPK)

Caused by the development of European breeders Has a distinctive characteristic that is smooth tail edges The tail stem has broken at least 4 stalks, even though the fish are very old. Causing the tail to stretch out into a 180 degree angle like a half circle “Half moon” has both short tail and long tail.

Crowntail Betta (CT)

This group of betta fish developed in Indonesia around the year 2000. The good characteristics of this group are the proportion of fins and tails. The tail edges are more than half of the concave stripe. It looks like a crown. Which is the origin of the name “Tail Crown” in English.

Double Tail Betta (DT)

Or two betta fish The first phase of the development of that species Fish that usually have the upper tail and lower tail are not the same size that is not needed by the market. Causing the breeders to not sell So there are not many breed developers But over time Percentage of fish that are beautiful and complete is also increasing. At present, it is becoming more popular.

Giant Betta

Is a betta that has been developed by Thai people over the past ten years. By emphasizing that the body is twice as large as ordinary betta fish When fully grown, the size is more than 10 centimeters. Originally, there was only a dark-tailed giant betta fish. At present, there are people who develop the species into giant betta, long-tailed out and new colors that are brighter.

Elephant Ear Betta Or Dumbo Betta

Developed by Thai people over the last ten years Unique, unique, with extra large ear fins It is said that the elephant ears that develop the breed in the first period, when young, have small ears. Have to wait until the fish is older, the ears are large But now can develop a large ear, even if the fish are not too old.

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