Good container for betta fish

Good container for betta fish

Good container for betta fish is important for Betta fish bite easily for take care and use less space. Therefore, Siamese fighting fish breeding or bettah farm is a hobby. Therefore can do all parts of the house Just get clean water with a little acidity. The area is well-ventilated. The temperature during the day is not too high. And not receiving direct sunlight But if you want to raise a small business As an extra income in the home, it is not difficult. Just collect all the equipment in one corner in order to work and take care easily.

Important is the location of the banquet area. Should be near the water source that is convenient to find the mites that are used to feed the larvae Because it is a food source that needs to be used throughout the year.

In the case of raising in bottles Should make shelves and space saving But if there is enough space, can be placed directly on the cement floor This method helps to change water easily and stop more time. Because it can pour water or let overflow immediately Some of you may modify the car to be a fish house. Or make a canopy on the side of the house to increase the area of ​​culture.

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  • In case of using tap water Should stay in the water until the smell of chlorine disappears May use an oxygen pump to increase the quality of the water
  • May add a little salt to adjust the water condition. Rate 1 handful per 20 liters of water.

Betta fish farming does not require a good fish tank or a large cement tank that requires both labor and money like other beautiful fish farming. But can bring waste materials or have cheap prices around in everyday life to be adapted to meet the objectives. Must be a material that can store water well Not only easy to leak or break.

For breeding and nursery The container should be large. The water capacity is sufficient, lightweight and has a wide cross-section to allow the water to touch the air as much as possible, such as foam crates, plastic boxes, enamelware, plastic cups.

In raising fish to bite the adult If there is a small amount, use a small glass cabinet made for raising a particular fish or a square jar made of glass. Because it is easy to clean and looks beautiful But if fed a lot The shepherd uses a glass bottle or a flat bottle because it is cheap, easy to find by cutting the bottle to fit the water level. And keep adding water to overflow from the crack, cutting time to change the water Will save a lot of time and labor Or bring a plastic bottle to cut in half and put water in a line together to reduce the cost of buying a container in another way.

Betta fish for sale

Tip good fish container.

  •  Should not wear decorative accessories or floor with gravel Should let the container open for easy cleaning But if it is so beautiful Can put decorations or sand gravel according to preference The power system is not necessary. Requesting just the light from a normal light bulb or natural sunlight that does not shine directly, which causes the high water temperature to be sufficient
  • Should not choose a container with a very wide mouth Because the fish jumped out of the container easily and could die
  • For the long fins tank should be size 4x4x8 inch.
  • For shot fin tank should be size 4x6x8 inch. Tank size for grooming betta fish for competition not include with giant size.

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