Class color betta fish Guideline Multicolor for competition

Class color betta fish Guide Fancy HMPK

Betta fish FANCY HMPK is a new UBF Competition Class for classic Fancy variations.

Daily Color Guide: – Fancy HMPK (Half moon plakat)

Developed from ‘Mustard Gas’, the Fancy line has been bred in several countries to new variations of color and form. Here is the defining guideline for a Fancy.

  • SOLID Base Colour, No Marble (Red, Orange, Yellow)
  • Presence of two colours on the Iridescent Layer(Top Layer) e.g White/Blue, Copper/White
  • Two Colours on the Iridescent Layer should display a Marble or Grizzle effect.

This class will envelop Non-Masked Hell boy Variations. Hell boy with an only single color on the Iridescent Layer will not be automatically disqualified but will not score perfect (10) for Color grading.

Credit Nations Cup 2019

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