Class color betta fish Guideline Multicolor for competition

Class color Guideline Multicolor betta fish for comp

Tip choose multicolor betta fishclass for competition by UBF.

Class color betta fish Guideline Multicolor go for competition?

UBF does not have a multicolor class simply because 80% of fish are “Multi colored”. Instead we have accepted all types across three classes.

Depending of the visual presentation of your Betta fish color they will have several opens to be competitive.

This is depending on of the fish presents its color in

  1. A marbling fashion.
  2. as a high contrast candy variation or
  3. A unique personalized color.

Note Also that term “Multi color” does not refer strictly to Candy fish but we will this example to reference the confusion on placement of Candy.

This way your betta fish has more than one Class to join competition, depending on its individual strength.

Credit Betta knowledge Nation Cup 2019

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