Class color betta fish Guideline Patterned all types

Class color betta fish Guideline Patterned all types

Daily Class Guide: Patterned All Types

What is Patterned?

UBF Pattern Class encompasses all fish with Butterfly effect on the fins. It is primarily for Butterfly fish.

The butterfly effect on the fins can exist in any color fashion and even in cellophane rimming.

The focus of this class is the consistent well-defined pattern of the rimming on fin s(or reverse rimming on fins) which creates a complete pattern on the outline of the fish.

The actual size of the butterfly rim effect is non-specific, but should at least be 20% of the length of the fin it is present on Color scoring bonuses are for fish with outstanding butterfly effects transitioning to the pair fins (pectoral, ventral), double banding and rare butterfly combinations.

If you have read all of this, then you are interested in some beautiful betta fish contest.

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This for example class for competition by UBF

Credit Betta Nation Cup 2019

Butterfly betta fish

What is UBF?

UBF exists as international conglomerate to unite, assist, incubate and preserve information and worldwide standards of Betta fish. UBF is primarily and information resource and round table of continuous knowledge base networking with the objective of developing high level genetic understanding while preserving the heritage of Betta as and iconic show fish.


Pattern bettas is the most type of betta fish easy to take join competition

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