First Copper Gold Avatar color in the world

First Copper Gold Avatar color in the world

Shadow Copper Gold Avatar/ Gold Black Star no betta lovers don’t know about color for this moment.

But do you know When did this color first emerge and where was it? Who was the first cause of this color?

If you read up to this point, you are in love with some Betta fish .


We, too, want to know until we have clearly identified the source material.

The Copper Gold avatar or Gold Black Star is the most popular Siamese fighting fish color of the year 2021, it is a unique color similar to Blue Avatar.

It has been developed to give it a different shine and color, but with the Copper gold avatar that is shiny and with a unique point on the body. Thus making it look more outstanding.

Based on research, it is clear that the Copper Gold Avatar was first breed in 2020.

By Indonesian breeder man Haris Haditia “KAPTEN GORDON”, CUPANG GORDON.

Which, after which he had successfully cultivated, he named “Kalimaya”

Student from Indonesia make it more booming call he fish Gordon betta Some one said Black Koi Galaxy too.

Actually this is old fish

But before it not booming but he develop for more Copper spot on body and more shine.

Did you know first price of Avatar he sold?

30 million Indonesian Rupiah !!!!! Really crazy price for only 1 fish.

HMPK Copper Avatar

If you’ve read at this point, you probably want to know.

How to breed this copper avatar color?

We are referring to Line breed from Nice Betta Thailand Farm, unrelated from Indonesia.

The Copper avatar from our breed line starts with the black samurai line and the Copper gold line, when we succeeded we chose the HMPK male black samurai with the Female Copper Gold, where the female has a built-in black peeling bloodline. Already

That is, the female that we use does not have a Copper Gold full body color as well as the That makes first generation of the way we get more than expected results.

Half moon Copper Avatar

But for the reason that our Line breed, Black samurai, we have developed to have the darkest black color as possible, the Line Copper avatar from us is a dark black color contrasting with the Copper color clearly, you can see that the fish from us is Not even a single brown color.

By this success We have used the name Shadow copper gold Avatar, which is a line breed that is different from the market in terms of its more blackness.

It is in the process of being developed to Half moon as well. Expect to see each other soon.

So. What do you think with this colors? Please comment below!!!

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