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    Betta Apache or feather tail

    Betta fish Apache & Feather tail

    Scientific name : Betta splendens

    Common name    : Siamese fighting fish (Feather-tailed / Apache)

    Family                  : Osphronemidae

    Birth place           : Obtained from the development of species

    Description          : Is a hard moon betta, which is caused by the development of Halfmoon that makes the fish look like that of a fish tail. Unique (Mutation) by the caudal fin is unique, similar to feather Splintered beautifully.

    Apache or feather tail is classified as a rare fish because the fish with the tail like this will come out from half moon which the proportion is less than 5 to 100 therefore is the reason why it is more difficult to find to see.

    Nowadays, the betta fish feathertail have been developed to be more vivid and colorful. And is a favorite for rare betta lover.



    Betta fish Feather tail Mustard Gas


    Betta fish Feather tail Lavender



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