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    Class color Guideline hybrid Plakat


    Class color Guideline hybrid Plakat.

    Daily Class Guide:

    What is HYBRID PLAKAT?

    A completely new class. The Hybrid Class will encapsulate all hybridized Wild Form show plakat. They include all forms of B.Splenden, B.Mahachai, B.Smaragdina, B.Imbellis, B.Siamorientalis and cross bred variations of wild form type hybrids.

    The guideline for this class is:

    1. Preserves the slenderline wild body shape.
    2. Tail should at maximum be 180 degrees spread, with visible roundness.
    3. Maximum of 4-ray caudal split, with preservation of 2-ray being preferred
    4. Dorsal should not have more than 8 primary ray bones. This class exists to preserve the wild caught form of Betta into an advanced show piece.

    In competition must be follow on this.

    More History and Information about hybrid Click here

    Credit article Nations Cup 2019



    Wild Betta Blue hybrid betta fish

    Wild Blue hybrid betta by Nice Betta Thailand


    Wild Betta Grey hybrid

    Wild Grey hybrid betta by Nice Betta Thailand


    Wild Betta Green Mahachai

    Wild Betta Green Mahachai


    New Color in 2019 

    Wild Betta fish Hybrid  Copper Gold Alien

    Wild Betta fish Hybrid Sparkle Copper Gold Alien

    Wild Betta fish Hybrid Copper Gold Alien


    All of this just for example wild betta fish.


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