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    Black Samurai Betta fish


    History of samurai betta fish

    From the past until today The dragon fighting fish has been developed continuously. As a result of the traditional Red Dragon, many colors have been developed. Whether it is an Orange Dragon Yellow Dragon, Black Dragon, Gold Dragon, Fancy Dragon, has been developed into many forms. Whether it’s Half Moon, Full Moon, Crown Tail and Giant Betta

    Guidelines for the development of siamese fighting fish dragon from the past to the present In addition to improving the form well In terms of color, it will focus on developing the scales to have a shiny silver color. Coating both body and head There is a clear contrast between the fin and the body color (Bi-Color) and try to remove the unwanted color or lace from the fin surface as much as possible.


    Siamese fighting fish


    It looks like the current development of dragon betta fish. It will focus on making the “original” existing to meet market standards. Or competition standard Along with developing the species to be still Make each breeding a lot of good fish.

    That development would have stopped in place. If in the past two years no betta had been born to create a buzz in the industry “Samurai fighting fish” is the fish we are going to talk about here.

    Samurai bettas

    Masterpieces of betta come this moment

    Many masterpieces in the world It arose because of “accidental”. Beautiful betta fish are also the same. Many of the colors of fish that are popular today are caused by coincidence. Or what the term in the betta fish industry is called “mutation” or “loose” before being applied by the breeder to add, add, develop according to your imagination.

    For more than 10 years, beautiful betta circles have been known for their bodies coated with white gold sparkling scales. Also known as “Dragon”, which was bred for the first time in the world in 2004 by Khun Te Piboonchai Chuan Chuen of Yaowaluck Farm, part named “Dragon. Nod “was first dubbed by Mr. Pichet Plaisanguang or Ton Interfish, and a year later he made his debut at Aquarama 2005, a key destination in the wake of the Pachad trend. Dragon in the industry in the international betta world.

    Samurai betta fish are considered to be betta fishes. Happened by chance Or mutations from the repeated breeding of the Black Dragon over many generations Until obtaining a distinctive fish that is There is an imperfect scale coating. Or the scales are not covered with both the head and body like a typical dragon fish However, this imperfect coating creates a perfect pattern, for example, there is a flake coating on the face. And open up other areas of the body Make it look like a mask Or there is a coating only on the upper part of the body along the entire length The lower part is open for example.

    Premium Black Samurai


    Why Samurai?

    What does this name mean? Or has it come from? It is believed that it is a question that many people want to know. A samurai betta is a replica of a “samurai” warrior in graceful armor with lustrous scales. Which is unique and important as mentioned in the above The name was created by Mr. Ton Interfish, who led the first samurai fighting fish to be released to the public.

    The magic of betta fish in the dragon group Or varnished betta fish is a gene (Metallic Geno) that is hidden in the bloodline, with the behavior similar to the function of the marble gene or the spotted gene. But there will be color development in contrast to the normal marble. Naturally, the marble genes normally produce a clear or opaque color, but the dotted dragon genes have a different color. Will give out the color in a blemish tone Or burning sugar instead And can pass these characteristics to the child version.

    Which farm is first create Black Samurai shot fin?

    The first samurai fighting fish to be discovered and recorded was “Black Samurai” from Taphong Betta Farm in Rayong province of Khun Wat Wiwatthipnak Professionals in betta fish breeding and development with over 15 years of experience and was one of the first aligners to play a role in the development of the beautiful betta fish industry in Rayong Province. The samurai betta fish mutations say, “This loose betta is a Black Dragon crossed with a Super Black, a single-scale, unglazed fish. In order to increase the blackness of the fins, as I observed in the same litter, there were fish that were similar in color to Super Black and without glazed scales. Therefore, it is possible that the Super Black lineage may have reduced the coating of the scales. ”

    The first samurai fighting fish “Black Samurai” is a fish mutated from the Black Dragon. Happened at Tapong Betta Farm, Rayong Province

    Not long after, Khun X Suparerk, Young Mode of X-Cross Betta, Chachoengsao Province, launched a samurai betta fish from the farm’s Black Dragon line. This is the second Black Samurai fighting fish that was launched into the fighting fish industry.

    Around the same time, another line of samurai betta fish appeared at Bang Makin Khamroot, another leading betta breeder in the industry. It is a samurai betta fish in another color scheme known as “Red Samurai”. It is characterized by the body color which is red, contrasting with the shiny silver scales that obscure the face. Bang told you that “This fish is small, as far as I can see, it is a fish that has no silver scales like a normal red dragon. But it is a small fish with clear meat like Super Red. After that, the scales gradually develop until you see it. ”

    Red Samurai

    Red Samurai betta fish

    In conclusion

    All or all of the samurai fighting fish that exist today. The origin is from the same point, that is, “mutate” from the dragon betta fish. The most common is the Black Samurai, followed by the Red Samurai. Which the latter type is considered to be very small The same is true for the samurai from the Dragon in other colors. But it is gratifying that many breeders recognize the value of this fish in terms of being a ‘new colored’ fish that will generate significant value in the future. Therefore, a method has been developed to develop a pattern that is still like other colored fish. That has been done But I have to admit that it is difficult, otherwise the fish of this color will probably be seen in the market already There are not many as few as today, because in breeding dragon fish it is almost impossible for us to set the pattern according to our wishes. The pattern here means that the scales are coated at some point in the desired position. Because of the nature of the dragon fish as they get older The flake coating will develop with age. Therefore, trying to make a scale with a coating to a pattern This violates the nature and genetic characteristics of fish that are deeply embedded in the bloodline. As an example that is often seen in some fish that the smaller episode has.

    The pattern is a complete samurai, but as it gets older, the scales have evolved into more glaze. Or the term in the betta industry is called “walking scales”, causing the pattern to lose
    Development is difficult, however, it takes effort and time to answer how much work can be achieved.


    First Black samurai longfin


    All of Betta Fish – A Guide on Patterns, Color in the world


    First Copper Gold Avatar color in the world



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