What the difference between crowntail with King crowntail

What the difference between crowntail with King crowntail

It is a very common question for beginner betta lovers. First of all, you need to get to know the general crowntail clearly.

The crowtail is a type of betta fish in the tail group that features fins like spines or crowns. which will be divided into 4 sub-categories as follows.

Crowntail Normal Ray

Crowntail Double ray

Crowntail Triple ray

King Crowntail

From the above mentioned types, the complete King crow tail is classified as the rarest type and has different features from the three crown tail betta species mentioned above.

That is, the caudal fin is a cross ray, while the general Crow tail is the most straight caudal fin.

In this distinctive feature, Cross ray is known as the King crown tail to this day and is classified as one of the rare species of fighting fish.

That’s Easy right? Hope your enjoy & happy to learn about crowntail bettas

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