I have come to the conclusion that for my beta tanks I have decided to not use gravel anymore because it seems that bacteria sits and gravel a lot more than not. What I do now is just find a sticker that is a decoration of the bottom of an aquarium and I stick it to the actual bottom of the aquarium. And what you actually see is just a sticker seeing through the glass inside the fish tank.

I have actually fooled a lot of people thinking that there was gravel because the sticker looks exactly like gravel. I got this idea from the fish store because I noticed that they were not using rocks at the bottom of their aquariums. And Iive noticed that my beta fish live a lot longer and Iive even had one for five years now with out having any gravel or rocks inside of the aquarium.

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I believe that a lot of the diseases and sickness that these fish get our catch is from the bacteria that sits inside of the gravel or rocks in the aquarium. These fish need a very clean habitat for them to live healthy and thats what I want to give them from now on. So Iive decided to eliminate all gravel and rocks in my beta fish tanks whatsoever.

Others may disagree and some may totally agree with what I have to say here but this is my straight opinion. And I would advise that if you are having issues with fish dying and getting sick that is probably have to do with water clarity or bacteria growing in your gravel.

I know that gravel and rocks can make an aquarium look totally cool and add a cosmetic value to that tank but it also includes a lot of bacteria that sticks of that stuff. And a lot of people claim that they have filters under the gravel but it still doesnt get it all and thats why they have gravel vacuums.

Long story short something that I Sada pet store really helps me here and I am trying to help others by just stating what I do now as far as my beta aquariums. So if you are thinking about putting gravel inside of your aquarium I would second-guess that and maybe just get a sticker that goes on the bottom of it that looks like gravel. The water is a lot easier to filter and get cleaned if it is not hidden between gravel and making it easy for bacteria to sit in between.

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