Grizzle All types

Class Color Guideline Grizzle betta all types.

In 2019, understanding the history of the creation of Grizzle and Marble in Betta fish , we can understand that Grizzle is a unique colour effect in the iridescent layer composition and that there are several types of Grizzle betta fish.

Daily Color Guide: Grizzle All Types

The new UBF Grizzle Class will encapsulate all variations of Grizzle, from the traditional Splendens non-metallic strains to the newer presentation of grizzling on metallic masked fish. The focus is on the two-tone soft color spray effect that makes a Grizzle. It is similar to marble, but the transition of colour from one to another exists in a gradient fashion without a sharp cut off from one colors to another. All Grizzle fish must follow this visual guideline

  1. Single Base Color Layer (Non-Black or Red
  2. Soft color spray gradient effect on both the body and fins
  3. Presence of two colors visually

Credit Nations Cup 2019

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