Class color betta fish Guideline Headgear or Helmet

Class color betta fish Guideline Headgear or Helmet

UBF Headgear! One of the most special betta fish classes in our UBF show, 100% rare fish only. Samurai Helmet, Tancho, Classic Monster or even something completely new a unique, a class surely to showcase stunner fish. But on your Armour this Star Season 2020.

What is headgear?

UBF HEADGEAR HMPK is a new UBF class encompassing all Siamese fighting fish displaying a patterning of color on the head. This specific class is meant for various line that focus on a rare head coloration design. The pattern on the head can be from any color layer on the fish but should clearly show focal point to the eye that highlights the head region. There can be other color present on the body but they should not be distracting from the pattern on the head. Perfect color scoring (10) for the head pattern should be given for a full distinct “Helmet-like” appearance on both side of the head. Incomplete helmet are not automatically disqualifiable. Here are some examples of HEADGEAR HMPK

What is helmet Half-moon

Helmet half moon betta fish
Full Helment Rosetail betta fish

What is UBF?

UBF exits as an international conglomerate to unite, assist, incubate and preserve information and worldwide standards of betta fish, UBF is primarily and information resource and round table of continuous knowledge base networking with the objective of developing high level genetic understanding while preserving the heritage of betta as an iconic show fish.

HEADGEAR Betta fish

How can find headgear betta fish

Actually head gear or helmet betta fish in one of rare type betta fish. Not every fish when breeding come to helmet or headgear or full helmet.
This can be say Rare Marking of betta fish

What do you think with helmet marking?
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