Preparing for the IBC standard betta fish contest

Preparing for the IBC standard betta fish contest

Preparing for the IBC standard betta fish contest

The IBC standard will divide the basic betta fish colors into 6 groups:

  1. Group of light colors, not shadows, dark groups, not shadows, light shade groups, shadows and shadows.
  2. Group of light, not shiny shades of yellow, orange, opec, and pastel (flesh color)
  3. Dark colors, no shadows, black and red
  4. The light shade of the group is white and gold.
  5. The dark shadow group will have copper, silver, green and gray.
  6. Multicolor Any Other Colour (AOC)

Now let’s look at the basics of single color. If the second color occurs What are the disadvantages?

Siamese fighting fish for example, a single red fish, a dark color group, not a shadow. If there is a second color between the iridescent beads that are shiny white, according to the body and fin or black, the question is which second color is the blame. More serious? The answer is that eat tablets are a more serious flaw because the ether is in the brightest tones. Will intersect with the red in dark tones, not shadows Causing differences between dark colors and bright colors Clearly visible But if the second color is black Will have the same flaws but less If we look back at the table, we see that black is in the same group as red. That is the dark group, not the shadow. So does not cause a lot of difference between red and black But the second color is considered to be a flaw on a single color fish But I give an example of what is more serious.

On the other hand, if we have a brightly colored fish Like yellow fish If there is a second color between the iridescent beads that are white and shiny, according to the body and fin or black, the question is which second color is a more serious flaw? The answer will be reversed. Black is a more serious flaw. Because yellow is in the bright tone and the e-grain is in the same bright tone So it does not cause many different tones between these two colors But if it is black in the dark group Will cause many differences.

So we will see many jobs that directors will choose white, clear or gold before other colors. In a single color group In the case of choosing the bass in the group Because these colors If there is no second color at all Will be a very pure fish The color of the ventral fin will be the same color. Unlike other colors that may have white at the end of the ventral fin

Now, let’s look at the fish in the pattern. In the case of fish, what color will be the most attractive spot? The answer is to mix between light and dark groups. The contrast between these two groups will cause The difference between high colors Such as fish, silver in dark groups But Crib cut in white, which is in light colors The combination of these two colors will create a highly contrasting color or that the western is called High Contrast. Dark, dark or light cut, soft cut For example, red and black Will cause a difference between a low color or low contrast. There will not be a clear attraction of the eye as a shoulder.

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Another betta pattern is the two-color group, or betta Bi color, one body color, one color. Should have a body that is cut in good color Such as the body in light colors Cut with dark cribs Or alternately A very good example is the red dragon with a white body. In bright colors Cut with red crimps in the dark group, causing Hi Contrast to cut the color of the roasted two colors.

And if it is a general fancy? I will, for example, fish. Have you ever noticed that a coat that has black and red colors is very swallowed? But if only having a yellow point will make it stand out That is because the yellow color in the bright colored group went to make a cut with red and black making it stand out Or if this one has been developed to have a mix of fancy fish and fish Until causing the fish to coat with shiny scales, according to the crib and body That creates a very high visual appeal Because the shadow will be cut to the surface of the fish Like a red coat with white scales in the body Causing the intersection of dark and high light.

I would like to finish the basic of the fish color. All I write is just the basic foundation of the IBC standard. Finally, the most beautiful betta fish depends on each person’s perspective.

Credit Hui Sarawut

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